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Incorporating iterative development principles lets us test our approach with initial proof-of-concept activities, which mitigate development risk by incorporating critical user and stakeholder feedback at every stage.

Discovery & Strategy : The goal of this phase is for the Oneid365 Services team to further develop an understanding of your business model as well as your Internet objectives and goals. Oneid365 Services will capture and document your high-level business requirements and extract the critical elements of the project scope.

Elaboration : Once we have reached agreement on the search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategy, deliverables and scope of the project, the Elaboration Phase will begin. Elaboration will, in essence, create the building plan and blueprint to be executed during the Construction Phase. We will refine the high-level requirements to create a detailed, functional specification for the finished site..

Construction : Upon completion and acceptance of all deliverables in the previous two phases, the Construction Phase begins. Since we will have collaboratively developed a detailed plan, we can confidently move into development. Simply speaking, this is where we build the site from top to bottom..

Ongoing reporting, analysis, and recommendations: This ongoing phase ensures the long-term success of this project. Specific reports are run to deliver quantitative information to our analysts to determine the overall health of your site. These tell us what is working well and what is not. The analysis is then translated into specific actionable recommendations to ensure the site continues to achieve the initial Key Performance Indicators and increase rankings and traffic in the major search engines.

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