An Integrated Approach

CyberSecurity and Resiliency consultancy offering advisory and implementation solutions and services, managed cloud and support services and simple, powerful, easy to integrate products.

We transform your Cyber Security experience with optimized tools.

Security and Resiliency Services from AI Shield helps you embed cyber resilience into your broader IT and operational strategy.


What We Do

An Integrated Approach

AI Shield, we help our clients build secure and flexible risk management programs centered around their critical data, providing a comprehensive answer to the risks surrounding malicious cyber threats, data privacy and security challenges, shifting compliance mandates, and complex system implementation initiatives. We transform your CyberSecurity experience with optimized tools.

Our Services

Assess your security environment, determine the best strategy for moving forward and improve your organization’s governance and compliance posture.

Secure your applications and protect your data, wherever it resides.

Close vulnerabilities and implement the right protocols, regardless of whether you’re operating in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Transform your IAM programs to meet evolving organizational and security needs, and achieve key outcomes by improving IAM maturity.

Secure Infrastructure Secure your entire infrastructure – whether in the cloud, on prem, or hybrid – so your organization can scale with technology change without fear of disruption.

Equip your team with the skills and training needed to manage threats and leverage the latest technologies, while also improving employee retention and job satisfaction.

Strengthen your defenses with technical assessments, remediation and response services that measure the strength of your networks, applications and endpoints.

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